Each member of the team is highly qualified and has managed tensile fabric projects from small-scale, pre-designed tensile canopies to huge and unique fabric structures.

The Project Management Department of Emirates Tents is created to handle the over increasing size and value of our many projects.

Project Management utilizes sophisticated organizational software to ensure that all projects are completed in the most cost-effective, timely, and efficient manner.

We strive to meet or exceed the expectations of the client and in every project we are doing.

Every project manager also carries a CSCS card, demonstrating Base’ exemplary health and safety practice. Our team’s diverse experience means you get the best project manager for the job. A project manager who’ll not only bring you relevant knowledge, but total service continuity throughout your project.

As Emirates Tents continues to design and build more large scale imaginative projects, Project Management will continue to grow and bring greatness into reality.